Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Quick Recap

So up to this point a lot has happened, but I'll try to catch you up real quick. I got to Maine two weeks ago, but we had orientation days until that Wednesday. Since then it's been classes and trying to get into the swing of life in a family of 18 (15 girls and 3 rezzies) haha. We went camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We played in, sorry i mean "observed," the mud flats. And then just this weekend we have been doing Marine Science field trips. Yesterday we spoke with students Boudoin University's marine research labs. Today we visited UNE's Marine animal rehabilitation center and studied a Salt Marsh and Had lunch on the beach and did a quick observation  of some tide pools. It was amazing. Since then we have been back here at the Farmhouse playing games and hanging out together. Awesome day altogether, but now it's time for bed so I have to go. Goodnight

What's this blog???

   Hey welcome to my blog. I created it 'cause I really don't have time to keep everyone back home updated on my life out here. The schedule is crazy and we always have things going on. It's so much fun, but kinda crazy.

   So if you didn't know I am currently at a semester school for leadership and science called Coastal Studies for Girls. It is in Freeport, Maine on Wolfe's Neck Farm. If you want to send me a letter or care package I'd love you forever. Heres the address:
  Tay Dillon
  Coastal Studies for Girls
  308 Wolfe's Neck Road
  Freeport, Maine 04032
I'm not often on the computer so the best way to reach me is letters. I promise i will do my best to write back asap. 
So this blog won't usually be me rambling about boring stuff, but i just got it started and have a lot of time and a lot to say. It will normally be updates on the day to day happenings, pictures, maybe videos, or just whatever i feel worthy of sharing with you.  

  Bye for now,
   Tay <3